May 28, 2014

NorthStar Alarm Recognized as One of the Top Home Security Providers in the U.S. by SDM

Orem, UT - NorthStar Alarm has climbed the ranks again this year on the 24th Annual SDM Top 100 List, positioning itself as one of the nation's leading security providers. The company has consistently moved up the list since its first appearance in 2007, and is now ranked 18th in the country in the residential security segment, and 34th in the nation overall. The SDM Top 100 List bases its ranking system on recurring monthly revenue (RMR), of which NorthStar has increased by nearly 25% in just one year. "The growth of our company and the recognition we have received nationally is exciting," said Jason Christensen, President of NorthStar Alarm. "NorthStar has made it to this point and will continue growing sustainably because of our dedication to customer service, our proven sales program, and our ongoing commitment to the core values our company was founded upon." Though NorthStar experienced great success and growth in 2013, it's not slowing the engine. A strategy for consistent growth has been set in place moving forward, and NorthStar expects another record year in 2014. "As a company, our focus is the complete 'NorthStar Home,' which includes home security, access control, video, and energy management," said Jason Christensen. "It's incredible to see how inexpensive it is for our customers to enjoy this level of control over their home." The company has recently undergone a dramatic company facelift to further emphasize the complete "NorthStar Home." These changes are expected to aid in RMR increases and growth as NorthStar continues to position itself as one of nation's leading home security and automation providers. About NorthStar NorthStar is one of the fastest growing home security and automation companies in North America. For more than a decade, NorthStar has been providing families with peace of mind, while staying true to the core values of integrity, accountability, and service. NorthStar is now serving over 30,000 customers nationwide, and has the equipment, relationships, and reputation that you can count on. Visit for more information.