April 13, 2015

REVA Inc. Inaugurates Citation 501 Jet Service to Meet Year-Round Demand for Caribbean Air Ambulance Transport

SAN JUAN, Puerto-Rico -- REVA Inc., world-wide operator of the largest private fleet of jet air ambulances in the world, launched a major expansion of its Caribbean operations. REVA now offers permanently based jet services capable of direct emergency air-medical transportation to and from even remote islands with short runways, company officials announced this week. The addition of a Cessna Citation 501SP Jet doubles REVA's long-standing presence in the region and its capacity to serve as the medical-transport provider of choice in one of the world's busiest cruising, diving, and resort destinations. More than 25 million visitors to Caribbean nations last year have created an unprecedented demand for advanced medical care during planned and emergency air transport, according to industry analysts. "Permanently basing the Citation 501 jet in San Juan expands every aspect of REVA's medical flight operations throughout the Caribbean," said Jacob Bercovici, President of REVA's San Juan operations. "The robust outlook for the region's steady growth in tourism, trade, and financial interests has already established a robust five-year upward trend that we have been looking for. The move assures that REVA will continue to meet that demand and take on more business to solidify profits and boost the overall confidence of the public in their ability to access a first-rate air ambulance for any emergency requiring highly qualified medical oversight during transport." Carmen G. Mojica-Martinez, account executive for REVA Inc., speaking from the company's Condado District headquarters, said REVA's move to permanently base a fully-equipped and staffed ICU jet ambulance in San Juan means "extraordinary service available to all our neighbors throughout the islands for emergency medical transfers," which she attributes to the jet's technical capabilities as well as the breadth and depth of the company's medical team. "The technical capabilities of the twin turbofan jet include taking off and landing on shorter runways," explained Chief Flight Medic Jose Perez. "This makes our service faster and more direct because it eliminates the need to call in a small plane for initial pick up and then having to transfer an ill patient to the jet for the longer-distance transportation," he said. "An additional medical benefit is that the Citation's pressurized cabin is a necessity for critically ill patients who require oxygen support. That's a level of medical care that helicopters and smaller prop-driven air ambulances cannot provide," Perez noted. "REVA's Caribbean medical team includes more than two dozen personnel with advanced training in several specialties," said Case Manager Christine Santos. "We have 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year by 12 flight certified nurses, eight M.D.'s, and five respiratory technicians," she said. Four of the medical doctors are pediatric intensivists who hold the advanced board certification for doctors who are specially trained in caring for infants and children with serious injuries and critical medical conditions. REVA's expansion brings EURAMI and Canadian certifications - leading industry endorsements of consistently top-quality maintenance and operations - to its Caribbean operations. For more information about these and other standards indicators, visit the corporate website at The Cessna Citation is an American built, turbo-fan powered jet with a long history of safety and reliability in business, medical, and commercial environments. Find REVA San Juan Operations Center and Caribbean Headquarters at 1035 Ashford Ave., Suite C1, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907. Telephone 1-954-730-9300; fax 1-954-485-6564. About REVA REVA Inc. employs over 300 air ambulance service professionals who deliver caring, efficient, and medically sound jet and fixed-wing flight services from bases throughout North America and the Caribbean. REVA Inc., has completed more than 25,000 medical transports that include time-sensitive organ deliveries, trauma response, and intensive-care connections in addition to private charters associated with medical tourism, cruise-line passenger agencies and philanthropic efforts. REVA Inc. has earned over a dozen top industry honors and recognitions from NAAMTA, EURAMI, International Assistance Group, and ARGUS Gold including the AAMS Fixed Wing Award of Excellence and ACE Safety Award. REVA Inc. is an approved organ transportation carrier for Cleveland Clinic, and its air ambulance services are licensed by U.S. and international agencies including U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (Certificate #O2JA595N), Canadian Transportation Agency International License; and U.S. Treasury Cuban operation authorization. Through individual and corporate affiliations, the staff and fleet uphold professional performance standards that exceed industry practices and expectations.